Welcome to Middle School Language Acquisition!

 Course Outline


The Language Acquisition curriculum is developed based on the individual abilities and needs of the students. An emphasis is given on increasing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through a variety of activities and projects and is designed to be accessible to all students.

We have an exciting year planned with many interesting projects and activities, but we will also be doing a variety of cultural and communicative activities to create a meaningful and exciting classroom environment!


The following activities will happen all year round in our classroom:

Writers Workshop

Readers Workshop

Selected novels

Grammar instruction and reinforcement


Special activities and projects

Preparation for the Middle School class trip (Mexico and Glacier)


Assessments guide and inform instruction. Students will be assessed through a variety of formats including written feedback, numerical notation and frequent conferencing. Evaluation of progress will be based on quizzes and tests, written assignments, individual and group projects, as well as class participation and engagement.