Eighth Grade Humanities Course Outline



Modern History/Global Studies


Course Description

Welcome to humanities class! This course is designed to develop the following skills in our students:

Inquiry Skills Critical Thinking Skills
Active Reading Skills Academic and Creative Writing Skills


Year Long Activities

Inquiry Projects The Writer’s Craft (Grammar instruction and reinforcement)
Selected novels Current Events


Topics of Investigation



Students investigate:

Italian Renaissance Northern Renaissance
Protestant Reformation Spread of Protestantism
Catholic Reformation Inquisition

Students read:  A Midsummer Night’s Dream

European Exploration of Africa European Exploration of the Americas
Impacts on Indigenous Peoples Colonization of the Americas


Summative Assessment: Inquiry Project


Students investigate:

Enlightenment Thinkers English and American Revolution
French Revolution English Revolution
Commercial Revolution Scientific Revolution
Industrial Revolution The Rise of Nationalism

Summative Assessment: Essay on Political Philosophy


Students investigate:

US Constitution SCOTUS cases
US Government Current Events

Summative AssessmentCreating a bill and the process of legislation and adjudication.


Students investigate: Systems

Civil Rights Movement

Summative Assessment: Inquiry Project