8th Grade Language Acquisition

Unit 1: Campfire stories

Statement of Inquiry:

Abstract thinking can lead to a distortion of reality after listening a campfire story.


Unit 2: The MIS Inquirer (Newspaper)

Statement of Inquiry:

People express perspectives and identities through media.
Roles and leadership are essential to maintain a structure in a newspaper and avoid conflicts.


Unit 3: Glance in the mirror (book)

Statement of Inquiry:

Social media has a deep impact on the way we shape our identity.

Daily life based on non-ethical judgement situations can affect our self-esteem.

Cooperation and team work can lead to change and motivation towards perception of ideal bodies.


Unit 4: Under the sea

Statement of Inquiry:

The human race is impacting the development of endangered species.

Abrupt changes in the ocean affect the conservation of the life in it.


Unit 5: MIS Travel Agency

Statement of Inquiry:

People shape their vacations according to their preferences and time.

Duration and variability depends on the amount of planning.

Natural and human landscapes create different variables when planning a trip.