6th Grade Language Acquisition


Unit 1: Let’s go camping!

Statement of Inquiry

Relationships can be developed in new locations.

Certain places are best to bond with other people.

Different landscapes and resources can affect interaction with other people.


Unit 2: Festivities around the world

Statement of Inquiry:

Seasons are directly linked to festivities around the world.

Literacy shapes the way we live different festivities.


Unit 3: All for one and one for all

Statement of Inquiry:

There are ways to improve the less favored’s life on a daily basis.
Many issues arise when the less favored try to get back in track and improve their lives.


Unit 4: Life is a book

Statement of Inquiry:

Authors create big role models in their books.

Books represent or reflect a part of your personality.


Unit 5: My city, my story

Statement of Inquiry:

Human creativity can led to improved urban planning.

Citizens have the power to facilitate improvement for conservation and consumption.