Dearest Middle School Families,                

We hope this finds you feeling healthy and strong.  We miss our students and are looking forward to seeing their faces again! The remote learning experience is going to require some very flexible and creative thinking, which we know our students are excellent at. We understand that there may be moments of confusion, mistakes, and frustration along the way. However, there will be more success, joy, laughter and a sense of community that we will build together. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need help to troubleshoot technology, materials, instructions, or other resources. We are here for you and for all of our fabulous middle schoolers.

Here some resources we have developed to support your child’s learning at home:

  1. 3CX Phone System: We will use this web meeting platform to connect with your child for synchronous activities such as circle time. Teachers will  post the meeting link on google classroom.
  2. Google Classroom: Every middle school student has been actively using their MIS google account all year. When they login to their google account they will find invitations from each of their teachers and their advisors. This will be the platform students and teachers will use to access remote learning. There, students will be able to see weekly assignments and expectations for each assignment.  If students need additional help with their passwords, please contact the office [email protected].  If questions arise see the following video for specific instructions on how to access Google Classroom:
  3. Flipgrid: We will show the students how to use this platform to share their work with others. Here is a link to help you become familiar with this resource.  We will post a link to our specific flipgrids in google classrooms after we have talked to the students about this platform.
  4. MIS Blog: Updates on new information from school:




Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of this week (March 25-27):  Exploring Google Classroom 

There will be no live online classes this week. Instead, students should log in to their google accounts and join each of their classes via the invitations that teachers have sent. Teachers have also posted assignments for each class that should be completed by the end of the week. Use this simple schedule as a guide to helping your child manage their time:  

1st period: 9:30 – 10:00: Math

2nd period: 10:15 – 10:45: Spanish/Humanities

3rd period: 11:00 – 11:30: English

Lunch/PE:11:30-12:15: Walk, bike, move around!

4th period: 1:00 – 1:30: Science 


Real-time learning: 

Beginning Monday, March 30th, real-time learning via live video conferencing will allow all teachers and students to connect academically and socially.  The links to access each live class will be posted in the Advisory Google Classroom. Note that there may be days when a full class will not need to meet via live video conference; students will have an assignment for that class to be working on during the designated time. 

Click this link for the Remote Learning Schedule (Monday – Thursday)

*Friday Schedule will look a little different.  We will send that schedule out next week.


Flexible Learning / Independent work time (offline):

Students are expected to spend time offline, each day, practicing their Math and Spanish skills, and reading for English class. This individual practice should be considered required in the same way that homework is required at school.

Teacher office hours:

Every day Middle School teachers will be available to support your child.  Students may contact us via Google Classroom. Parents can also send an email to the teacher. We will respond as quickly as possible during the regular school hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Tips to set up your child’s academic space at home:

  • Set up a quiet space for your child to have an electronic device and the academic materials at hand. They should plan to have all the same materials (pencils, paper, textbook, etc.) they would be expected to bring to class at school.
  • Display the remote learning schedule above for your child to see at home.
  • Have this communication letter in an accessible place to troubleshoot any challenges. 
  • Ask questions as you go.
  • Be flexible and be patient, this will take some time!
  • Use this link to try out ideas for brain breaks.

There is such an incredible amount of goodness in our middle school community, such an authentic love for learning and connection, such gratitude for all of our opportunities and triumphs. The middle school teaching team is very excited to reconnect with our kiddos again.  Thank you for trusting us with your children.  

With Gratitude and Zest,

The Middle School Team