Queridos padres,

This week has been fantastic for Middle School, in the 6th grade Spanish class the unit III called “We are a community” began, in this unit the students will know different types of communities, how they are formed and emblematic places of their community. This month, most of the students decided to participate in “the (really) great outdoor contest 2020”, where they should create a green space for their community, explain what elements they will need, their purpose and how this will benefit their community. This contest will have four prizes that you can know in the following link: http://www.scholastic.com/turfmutt/ET_CID=20200127_SNP_TurfMutt_Contest_ACQ_27854&ET_RID=911662158#turf_contest

In humanities class, 6th grade has been doing a great job researching the geography of Egypt and how certain conditions influenced the development of its civilization.

7th grade started their third unit called “El Islam”, where they have researched the geography of the Arabian peninsula, the Bedouins, Muhammad and the spread of Islam.

Today had a fun day skiing in Snowball where they demonstrated their skills in this sport.

This afternoon from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm, Middle School students will have a dance in room 8.

Upcoming dates:

  • The MathCounts Western Montana Chapter competition is on Tuesday, February 11th at the UC Ballroom.  
  • Tuesday morning, Feb 11th – 7th graders will walk to the MAM with Gillian for an English and Art field trip.  Please bring your child to school at the regular time. They will be back from the MAM in time for lunch. 
  • Valentine’s day on Thursday, February 13th from 2:50 pm to 3:30 pm.



Ismara Partidas and Middle School Team.