Dear Parents,

This has been an interesting and exciting week for our Middle School students. Through “Spirit week” Students, teachers and staff have shown most of the IB learner profiles as part of a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success. These kind of activities help all members of the MIS community to learn to respect themselves, others and the world around them. These activities also enable MIS students to develop an awareness of different cultural perspectives and appreciate the commonality of the human experience. As a community of learners, MIS strives to offer an inclusive ethos which values and reflects the diversity of cultures of its members.

In Spanish, 7th graders started a new unit of inquiry related to fairy tales. During this unit, they will learn and reflect about how the female characters in fairy tales represent a different social and historical stereotype than the male characters. All the activities designed for this unit will explore in depth the female role in fairy tales, how it is changing, and the differences between traditional fairy tales and modern day fairy tales.

8th graders are working on the final assessment of the unit about newspapers. They are creating newspapers about Venezuelan culture, places to visit, spotlight news and more. They also started to read a novel called “Big Mama’s Funeral” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. During the upcoming unit, they will explore the wonderful world of Latin-American literature through their writers and novels. They will study the Latin American Movement called “Boom” which occurred during the 1960s and 1970s, when the work of a group of relatively young Latin American novelists became widely circulated in Europe and throughout the world.



  • Ski days are going to start next Friday 7th. Remember to fill out all the paperwork and permissions.
  • On February 11, Gillian will take the 7th graders to the Missoula Art Museum as part of their unit on poetry.  She would love a few chaperones!  We will leave MIS at 9:00, walk to the museum, and then return by 11:30.  Let Gillian know if you’d like to volunteer and earn a few volunteer hours.


  • Reminder for MathCounters:

Following the Feb 7th session, the kids in MathCounts are welcome to stay at school with Jen between MathCounts and the middle school dance.  We’ll order pizza (please bring $5) and decorate for the dance.   Please RSVP to Jen if your child plans to stay.


  • Middle School Trips chaperones

6th grade – Monday, April 20 – Friday, April 24: Linda and Christian

7th grade – Monday, May 18 – Friday, May 22: Jen, Gini, Jose, Julie & Jeff

8th grade – Thursday, April 30 – Thursday, May 7: Gillian and Ismara

Note: Dear parents, remember that things may change based on unforeseen circumstances.


Have a great weekend!

Jose Diaz and Middle School Team