Middle-schoolers enjoyed a four-day school week that was kicked off with Amelie sharing her winning essay at the MLK gathering Monday night.

In math, the 7th graders are working on their Number Devil project to prepare a mini-lesson for the 4/5’s. They’ll be teaching this coming Thursday. It is always a treat to see them present their topics to the younger students.

The 8th graders have chosen their mathematicians and are working on their biographies for an interdisciplinary unit with Individuals and Societies. They will be exploring how their mathematician influenced or was influenced by Enlightenment thinking.

The 6th graders are creating a portfolio of data representations related to climate change. The students are finding various types of graphs and analyzing the information provided in the graph.

The Zero Waste Group held a tremendously successful bake sale last week and is able to pay for composting services here at school for the rest of this year and much of next year. Compost will be collected in classrooms of the Kindergarten through 5th graders.

Lastly, as I write this, a multi-age group of middle-schoolers is en route to the Gordon Reese cabin near Chief Joseph pass to enjoy an overnight cross-country ski trip. Thanks to Jen and Laura for making this trip happen.

Thanks for your support. Have a great last week of January!