This was an amazing week. 6th graders finished their written work about Festivals around the world and the interdisciplinary unit about Calendars and Culture. They presented their creative calendars to the 7th graders and did a great job. 7th graders continued working in the Chinese dynasties and Mongol Empire unit.

Middle School students did an awesome job in the play “A Like Totally Radical Midsummer Night’s Dream”, congratulations to the actors, set design, customs, and graphic design classes, and their teachers Natalie, Gillian, Loryn, and Christian!

Today was a wonderful day, students worked hard cleaning up their classrooms and other areas of the school and then got to open impressively thoughtful secret someone gifts. There were many smiling faces, many blankets, pillows, cookies and more.

The Middle School team wishes you a great winter break!


We will see you all back on January, 6th!

Con amor,

Ismara P and Middle School Team!