Dear parents,

This week, our students had an exciting week working on different activities and projects.

In Spanish, 6th grade continued working on “Festival around the world”. They are learning how people celebrate different festivals and important events in their countries. 7th grade is working on “Food around the world”. They are learning about the digestive system, the food pyramid and the optimal amount of food that people need to eat at different life stages. 8th grade started to work on news and newspapers. They are reading about “the history of newspapers” and they are creating a timeline about what they have learned through their reading. They also have been doing some grammar exercises related to verb tenses.

In Humanities, 6th grade started to work on a new unit about “culture and calendar”. This is an interdisciplinary unit with Math. They are creating their own calendar connected to one country. They will create their own different holidays, months, days, years, school calendar and much more.

6th grade had a fun field trip to the library and the Missoula Art Museum. They had the opportunity to explore the different galleries. They also made they own observation about the exhibition that they saw.

On Friday, the 7th and 8th graders were treated to a riveting talk by neuropsychologist, Dr Robert Velin.  He discussed adolescent brain development and the effects of substance abuse on that development (and answered about a million questions from the kids!) Be sure to ask your 7th/8th grader what they learned!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Jose and Middle School team