Lovely Families!

6th grade in the humanities class finished the unit corresponding to early humans development, where they learned the main characteristics of our predecessors, how did they live and how did the first communities were established. Next week we will start the Mesopotamia unit, which will be an interdisciplinary unit with the subject of mathematics. In this unit, we will create calendars with historical and mathematical bases.

In Spanish, 6th grade finished the unit corresponding to Life is a book, where they created awesome biographies. Next week, they will start researching Festivals around the world.

7th grade culminated the unity corresponding to Africa, where they learned about ancient empires and important trading civilizations in the past of this continent. Next Monday, they will begin the unit on civilizations of Asia, Chinese dynasties and the Mongol Empire.

Important upcoming date:

Nov 7th – Learn about the new school project (child care will be provided)

Have a great weekend!


Ismara and the Middle School Team