The middle school has been very busy out and about and experiencing the wonders of the world!  Our 8th grade trip to Mexico was truly stupendous.  The kids made new friends, spoke beautiful Spanish, explored the wonders of Isla Espirtiu Santo, spent a day at a school in La Paz and did a service project to help beautify the environment.  I was so proud of their maturity, kindness, risk-taking and inquiry skills.

This week, our 6th graders are out in the field at the Glacier Institute.  I can’t wait to hear all about it and I anxiously anticipate their return this afternoon.

In two weeks, our 7th graders will head to the Paradise Valley for a week of exploration and field based learning.

7th and 8th graders obtained excellent results in their different events during the track meet developed at Frenchtown school yesterday. Congratulations to all for their awesome participation!

Don’t forget to CONFIRM YOUR CONFERENCE TIME WITH YOUR CHILD’S ADVISOR.  These are student-led conferences so both you and your child need to be in attendance.


Have a lovely weekend,